64 dwellings in a privileged location

Cutting-edge from outdoors to indoors

You will find everything you are looking for in this unique area. Less than 10 minutes from the beach, the sports centre, the shopping and leisure area, the Miguel Hernández University and the San Juan Hospital. 5 minutes from the A-7 and 20 minutes from the airport.

Project summary


MARIOLA STYLE SANT JOAN is a residential complex of 64 homes that is committed to wellbeing. It offers spaces and public zones that offer comfort to its residents and visitors.
In addition, it is well communicated with the surrounding area, being close to the to the town of San Juan and the beach, making it a privileged the town of San Juan and the beach, making it a privileged place to live.
Avant-garde, exceptional qualities, attention to detail and exclusive details and exclusive atmospheres, combined with respect for nature and the improvement of the environment, give our proposals an original and unique proposals have an original and unique stamp.

ground floors with garden
Parking spaces




bike racks

Social CLub

Garden area

Community areas

We design the exterior environment with the same delicacy with which we design the interior. Unique and well cared for spaces where you will find everything you are looking for for leisure and enjoyment without leaving home.

Adult and children's pool: separate areas for greater comfort and safety.
Gym: a space for exercise without leaving the environment.
Outdoor social club: the ideal place for leisure time.
Children's playground: equipped with a play area for the little ones.
Landscaped area: green areas all around.

Details of the houses

Modern interiors

MARIOLA STYLE has taken into account each and every one of the details of the details which, together with the right selection of materials, have selection of materials, have made possible the design exclusive and unique homes.
We know that this is the way for our clients to trust us and have the peace of mind that their future home meets the highest house meets the highest requirements of safety, quality and design.

Avant-garde, design and elegance come together, together with exceptional quality and attention to detail to create an exclusive create an exclusive atmosphere and give the architectural ensemble a unique and differentiating seal to the architectural complex.

Magnificent orientation | Privacy

Large terraces

At Mariola Style we understand the importance of enjoying the sun and outdoor space. That is why, all our homes have with outdoor terraces of between 12 to 75m2. With two different different areas: covered and uncovered; to make the most of the sensations of Mediterranean life.


Living in Mariola Style will be easy and comfortable as it is located in a key area of the city. You will find everything you are looking for in this unique area. Surrounded by large avenues, the connection to any point in Alicante is ideal. The beach and the green and leisure areas in the surroundings will make it easy for you to disconnect from the urban environment.
Nightlife, daylife, health centres, supermarkets, shopping centres, parks and leisure areas. All united in the area and close to San Juan beach.

Nearby beaches

The beach of San Juan is located about 10 minutes away by car or public transport; where you can enjoy its promenade where you can find all kinds of shops and restaurants enjoy its promenade where you will find all kinds of shops and restaurants to go to. In addition, the coves of the cape are located at the end of the coastal area of the beach, being another of the most outstanding enclaves of the town.


The airport is a 20-minute drive away, and is also served by public transport, bus and tram.


Close and good communication to the town of San Juan and 15 minutes away, with an easy and quick connection to the city of Alicante where you will find many alternative plans.


Mariola Style stands out for its proximity and good communication to the town of San Juan. Less than 10 minutes from the San Juan Sports Centre, the shopping and leisure area, the Miguel Hernández University and the San Juan Hospital. 5 minutes from the A-7 and 20 minutes from the airport.

General plans

At MARIOLA STYLE SANT JOAN, you will be able to choose between several types of homes that will meet all kinds of 
tastes and needs, with a common denominator, the highest common denominator, the highest quality and express care in the details.

Individual plans for sale​

Types Rooms SUP UTIL
SUP Terrace
SUP Terrace
stairs 1
A1 3D 99,53 14,12 6,20 1,60 20,32 1A1
B1 3D 144,46 15,09 43,57 1,60 58,66 1B1
C1 2D 104,64 21,02 22,93 1,60 43,95 1C1
D1 2D 137,48 11,61 60,10 1,68 71,71 1D1
E2 3D 93,33 14,12 0 1,60 14,12 1E2
F2 3D 100,50 14,75 0 1,60 14,75 1f2
G2 2D 80,54 0 19,85 1,60 19,85 1g2
H2 2D 76,78 11,01 0 1,68 11,01 1h2
Floor 3 I3 3D 93,33 0 14,12 1,60 14,12 1i3
J3 3d 100,50 0 14,75 1,60 14,75 1j3
K3 2D 80,56 0 19,87 1,60 19,87 1k3
L3 2D 76,78 0 11,01 1,68 11,01 1l3
stairs 2-3
Floors 1-2 E1,E2 2D 78,07 17,78 0 1,56 17,78 2-3e1, 2-3e2
Floor 3 H3 2D 78,07 0 17,78 1,56 17,78 2-3h3
stairs 2
Ground Floor APB 2D 96,05 13,57 13,43 1,88 27 2apb
BPB 2D 103,90 17,87 25,78 1,56 43,65 2bPB
CPB 3D 125,42 13,20 31,66 1,60 44,86 2cPB
Floor 1-2 d1,d2 3D 94,17 13,33 0 1,88 13,33 2D1, 2d2
f1,f2 3D 93,65 13,09 0 1,60 13,09 2F1, 2f2
Floor 3 g3 3D 94,17 0 13,33 1,88 13,33 2G3
i3 3D 93,65 0 13,09 1,60 13,09 2I3
stairs 3-4
Floors 1-2 f1,f2 3D 94,17 13,33 0 1,88 13,33 3-4F1, 3-4F2
Floor 3 I3 3D 94,17 0 13,33 1,88 13,33 3-4I3
stairs 3
Ground Floor APB 2D 78,53 8,62 9,22 1,88 17,84 3APB
BPB 2D 103,90 17,87 25,78 1,56 43,65 3BPB
cPB 2D 96,05 13,57 13,43 1,88 27 3CPB
Floors 1-2 d1,d2 3D 94,17 13,33 0 1,88 13,33 3D1, 3D2
Floor 3 G3 3D 94,17 0 13,33 1,88 13,33 3G3
Stairs 4
Ground Floor APB 2D 81,49 11,05 10,21 1,12 21,26 4APB
BPB 2D 103,96 17,94 25,98 1,56 43,92 4BPB
CPB 2D 96,05 13,57 13,43 1,88 27 4CPB
Floors 1-2 d1,d2 2D 71,15 10,92 0 1,12 10,92 4d1, 4d2
e1,e2 2D 77,73 17,69 0 1,56 17,69 4E1, 4E2
Floor 3 g3 2D 71,15 0 10,92 1,12 10,92 4G3
h3 2D 77,73 0 17,69 1,56 17,69 4H3
Stairs 5-6
Floors 1-2 d1,d2 2D 78,64 12,35 0 3,08 12,35 5-6D1,5-6D2
Floor 3 f3 2D 78,64 0 12,35 3,08 12,35 5-6F3
Stairs 5
Ground Floor APB 2D 96,34 11,63 21,66 1,60 33,29 5apb
BPB 2D 101,31 12,49 22,53 3,08 35,02 5bpb
Floors 1-2 c1,c2 2D 78,64 12,35 0 3,08 12,35 5c1,5c2
Floors 3 e3 2D 78,64 0 12,35 3,08 12,35 5e3
Stairs 6
Ground Floor APB 4D 143,72 0 57,09 1,89 57,09 6APB
bPB 2D 96,34 11,63 21,66 1,60 33,29 6BPB
Floors 1-2 c1,c2 3D 87,29 12,01 0 1,82 12,01 6c1,6c2
Floor 3 e3 3D 87,29 0 12,01 1,82 12,01 6E3

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Quality memories



White porcelain sanitary ware. Taps mixer taps. Unit in main bathroom.



Installation of air-conditioning with hot/cold pump, by ducts. Inverter system.


EXTERIOR carpentry

Formada por perfiles de aluminio lacado color y rotura de puente térmico, vidrio doble acristalamiento con cámara.
Persianas de aluminio inyectado de poliuretano del color de la carpintería en dormitorios.

Exterior carpentry and PAINTING

Reinforced entrance door.
Interior doors lacquered in white.
Built-in wardrobe lined with cupboard and hanging bar and hanging rail.
Washable plastic interior paintwork.
Plasterboard ceilings in bathroom and corridors.



Hollow brick masonry masonry walls finished with
monolayer cladding.



Trowelled concrete paving.
Parking spaces delimited with strips of acrylic plastic paint on the acrylic plastic paint on the floor.
Vehicle access door with remote control.
remote-controlled vehicle access door. Fire protection system.



Domestic hot water supply
hot water supply by means of aerothermal system installed in the gallery of each dwelling, complying with current
current regulations.



Ceramic brick masonry, plastered with gypsum plaster with controlled setting.



Fitted with:
Wall and base units, with compact resin worktop, Induction hob, Oven resin worktop, Induction hob, Electric oven, Sink
electric oven, sink, extractor hood and dishwasher.
extractor hood and dishwasher.



With telescopic doors in cab.
Travel to the garage with selective manoeuvring downhill.



Decorated doorway.
Entrance hall lighting with lighting sensor and automatic timer.
Video intercom.


Residential complex totally fenced with
video intercom at the main entrance to the
the urbanisation.

The complex will have:

Recreational areas:

Children’s Play Area

Outdoor swimming pool.

Landscaped areas

Areas for community

Open-plan premises for communal use.

Communal toilets in common areas.

Open-air area for communal use.

** The described building specifications are indicative and provisional, being conditioned by the municipal licence and the definitive project. The definitive final report shall be annexed document with the contract of contract of sale.



Reinforced concrete. Waffle slab.



Collective antenna. Telephone installation with sockets in accordance with regulations.


  • Living room/kitchen: Porcelain tiling and tiling
    tiling between wall and base kitchen units.
    Bathrooms: Porcelain flooring and tiling.
    Rest of the house: Porcelain tiling.
    Terraces and veranda: Porcelain tiling.



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